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scientific evidence and validated models

Based on
Professional Educational Instruments

Optimal Neurodevelopment Skills

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Education Model
based on
Scientific Evidence
and Validated Models

Professional Educational Instruments are educational, equitable and adaptable technologies, the result of the convergence between the Knowledge Sciences and technologies such as Artificial Intelligence. They enable the implementation of teaching-learning strategies based on scientific evidence with optimal effect sizes. They also help students genuinely improve their academic results, allowing everyone to develop their cognitive processes (Neurodevelopment Skill), in an optimal, economically viable way, regardless of socio-economic and cultural background.

Key Concepts

Adaptable Curricular Publishing Project

Teaching adaptable and configurable to any teaching environment

Learning adapted to the needs of each student

Real-time learning analysis

Key Features

Scientific Evidence

Neuropsychological Models

Cognitive Models


Validated through implementation in real school environments for more than 100,000 students.

Adaptive Learning

Level 1: during the activity

Level 2: during the process

Level 3: content selection

Gamified Metacognition

Students are aware of their own progress

Learning Analysis

Provides objective data that enables progress to be measured based on neurodevelopment and the legislative framework

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